Which door styles do Primo Fitted Bedrooms offer?

Door Styles

Choosing the right (or wrong) door style can really make or break your fitted wardrobe design.

That’s why at Primo Fitted Bedrooms, we offer a whole host of door styles that cater for any shape, size and budget.

In this latest blog, we’ll break down each door style we offer here at Primo Fitted Bedrooms, so when it comes to choosing your style, you already know which door is the door for you!

Shaker –

A shaker style door is the all-rounder of our door styles available. Sophisticated yet straightforward, it can still stand out from the crowd when it needs to with several colours to choose from to match or contrast your interior ideas.

Mock In-Frame –

This door style oozes sophistication and class with its perfectly sculpted mock in-frame design. This style suits those customers looking to improve the look of their master bedroom, with a door design that is subtly elegant and effortlessly stylish!

Grooved –

A grooved door style transforms any bedroom into a cosy, relaxing space. With a rustic charm and warming country appeal, settle back and settle in for peaceful nights and restful mornings.

Arched –

For those looking to add a level of grandeur and luxury to their bedroom, look no further than an arched door style!

Fit for a king and queen, you’ll feel like royalty in your own home when you choose this door style from Primo Fitted Bedrooms.

Raised Panel –

A classic design that has stood the test of time, raised panel door styles offers a classically beautiful door design rich in detail and character.

Modern –

A modern door style provides a blank canvas for those customers looking to create their own unique fitted wardrobe design.

Dress your space your way with this smooth and minimalistic door style from Primo Fitted Bedrooms!

Handle-Less –

Our final door design is ideal for customers who place practicality at the top of the fitted wardrobe design list!

Sleek, refined and just downright beautiful, a handle-less door gives you all need without the fuss or cleaning of door handles.

Think you’ve found the door style of your wardrobe dreams? Call the Primo design and fitting team on 01925 552 880 or fill in our online query form for a quote here.