Primo Fitted Bedroom’s Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe Designs

Fitted Wardrobe Design | Primo Fitted Bedrooms

As wardrobe specialists, we love having the ability to offer you custom fitted wardrobe designs.

To complement your existing furniture or even to contrast it! Our bespoke designs will be put together perfectly and be the final piece of the puzzle to your dream bedroom.

Our Six-Step Process

Within our process, two main steps that focus on the design process.

Discuss your design requirements –

We encourage customers to have a thorough look through our website to gain some ideas on which fitted wardrobe designs they like the look of. Customers should also consider any furniture they’re looking to fill the space with to ensure the pieces are in sync with their design ideas. From there, one of our surveyors will visit your home, conducting a COVID-Safe home survey where all relevant measurements will be taken to ensure your fitted wardrobe designs fit as snug as a bug!

Receive CAD images and finalise the design –

If you are happy with the estimated guide price, our surveyor will begin to create HD CAD images of the proposed design. A CAD (Computer-Aided Design) digital drawing is an outline of a future product. In this case, a fitted wardrobe.

CAD helps you visualise the fitted wardrobe designs within the space to ensure they’re exactly what you want. This part of the process is crucial; as once the wardrobe is physically built, it will be a lot harder to change details.

But with CAD, you can see what the design will look like before it’s built. Giving you the peace of mind that if you want to see the design with a few tweaks, the changes won’t affect the physical end product.

Now you know your fitted wardrobe designs will be practically perfect in every way for you, why not get in touch with Primo Fitted Bedrooms?

The customisation is endless with our 80 different finishes and 50+ door styles. You will definitely find the right fit for your home!

Call Primo Fitted Bedrooms on 01925 552 880 or fill in our online enquiry form for a quote here.