Primo Fitted Bedroom – Standard Wardrobe Interiors

Standard Wardrobe Interiors | Primo Fitted Bedrooms

At Primo Fitted Bedrooms, we offer a variety of interior options.

The interior of your wardrobe should serve a purpose with the perfect fit to what you need. We allow you to pick the interior options during the design process to ensure your space is utilised as much as possible.

Here are our standard wardrobe interiors and reasons behind why you might want to include them in your space:

Single Hanging – Primo Fitted Bedrooms

With a single hanging interior, you will most likely fill it with long garments, whether coats, dresses, jumpsuits, etc. The long length will allow for wrinkle-free hanging.

On the other hand, if you want to hang regular length items in the single hanging interior, you will have the lower section of the wardrobe to store items such as storage boxes or shoes/boots. There isn’t a set way in which you should use your wardrobe. As long as it works for you, that’s all that matters!

Single Hanging | Standard Wardrobe Interiors | Primo Fitted Bedrooms

Double Hanging – 

A double hanging interior set-up is usually used to hang regular length clothing items such as t-shirts, jumpers, blouses, jackets, etc. With the double layer, you essentially get double the about of storage for the space you have!

What’s better than having an EXTRA rail to fill with clothes?

Double Hanging | Standard Wardrobe Interiors | Primo Fitted Bedrooms

Internal Drawer Pack – Fitted Bedrooms Interior Guide

The internal draw interior option allows you to hang items and have drawer storage. Having regular length items hung above a set of drawers could mean that everything you need is in one place. For example, suppose you have allocated items to your drawers such as an underwear and socks draw, a trousers draw and a hoodies draw, with your t-shirt/top hanging on the rail above, that’s everything you need when you’re getting dressed conveniently in one section.

You may also choose to go for the interior drawers over the external drawer option if you want your fitted wardrobe doors to be the same, creating a seamless look by having the drawers hidden behind the doors.

Internal Drawer Pack | Standard Wardrobe Interiors | Primo Fitted Bedrooms

External Drawer Pack – 

As above, a half rail and half drawers combo is a convenient layout to choose for the interior of your Primo Fitted Bedrooms wardrobe.

For external drawers, you may choose to add inserts in them for easy access to items such as your jewellery or belts without having to open your wardrobe door.

External Drawer Pack | Standard Wardrobe Interiors | Primo Fitted Bedrooms

Fully Shelved – Primo Fitted Bedrooms

The perfect display set-up is the fully shelved interior. Whether you love looking at your handbag, shoes or any other collection you may have that you want to see displayed nicely, the fully shelved option is for you!

With or without doors, these shelves display your items for you to see or even hide any extra bits you don’t want to seem like your spare bedding and towels, with the use of storage boxes!

Suppose you don’t require any extra hanging space within your fitted wardrobe designs but still have room to utilise. In that case, this interior is a great idea!

Fully Shelved | Standard Wardrobe Interiors | Primo Fitted Bedrooms

Whatever configuration of interior layouts you think you need in your fitted wardrobe, at Primo Fitted Bedrooms, we can make you your dream wardrobe!

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