How To Utilise Your Space With Primo’s Wardrobe Design

How To Utilise Your Space With Primo's Wardrobe Design | Blog

At Primo Fitted Bedrooms, we love creating a wardrobe design that perfectly fits your needs. We can work with any area from large rooms to small, thanks to our teams’ high level of creativity and expertise.

1. Floor to Ceiling

In most cases, a floor to ceiling wardrobe design will offer you the most storage without eating too much into your bedroom space.

For homes with more period features, like decorative coving, this floor to ceiling style isn’t for you.

Floor to ceiling wardrobe design | Primo Fitted Bedrooms

2. Door-less Wardrobe

This style is an excellent choice if you’re tidy! Whether you have a capsule wardrobe or coordinated coloured clothes. This design eliminates the barrier between you and your inner fashionista.

A door-less wardrobe will create a visual interest in your bedroom or walk-in wardrobe with a luxury feel.

Door-less wardrobe design | Primo Fitted Bedrooms

3. Sloping Ceilings and Wonky Walls

A fitted wardrobe for bedrooms with an awkward shape will help you get the best use out of the space.

Within your fitted wardrobe, you can choose the best inserts for YOU! Whether that’s a pull-out shoe rack, trouser rails, jewellery drawers, etc., we can create a wardrobe that’s perfect for you.

Sloping Ceilings and Wonky Walls design | Primo Fitted Bedrooms

4. Overbed Storage 

It’s essential to maximise your space if you have a small bedroom. So why not utilise the wall space above the bed?!

They frame your bed whilst creating ideal space for items you want to store away.

Primo offers a bespoke matching furniture option that allows your overhead storage to seamlessly fit with your other furniture pieces; bedside tables, wardrobe, etc.

Overbed Storage Design | Primo Fitted Bedrooms

5. Narrow Gaps Become A Perfect Storage Solution

Utilise every bit of space you can by converting any coves you have into storage!

This was the perfect hallway solution for this family’s little ones. By allocating this space as theirs is a great way to give them a taste of responsibility from a young age (and will hopefully work so no more coats on the hallway floor!)

Narrow gaps become a perfect storage solution | Closed | Primo Fitted Bedrooms
Narrow gaps become a perfect storage solution | Open | Primo Fitted Bedrooms

Whatever your space, Primo Fitted Bedrooms can create the perfect wardrobe design solution for all your storage needs!

Start your journey to your dream bedroom by calling Primo on 01925 552 880 or get a free quote online here.