Fitted Wardrobes Accessories at Primo Fitted Bedrooms

wardrobe interior pull outs

Here at Primo Fitted Wardrobes, our fitted wardrobes can be kitted out with a wide variety of fitted wardrobe accessories. We can suit your needs, bedroom space and budget.

In our latest Primo blog, we’ve decided to run you through all the options available to you regarding fitted wardrobe accessories at Primo Fitted Bedrooms!

Let’s begin…

Standard Wardrobe Interiors

With each fitted wardrobe at Primo Fitted Bedrooms, you have the following choices as standard for your fitted wardrobe accessories:

  • Single Hanging – A single-handing wardrobe is perfect for those customers who believe in minimalism in design and the amount of clothing they own!
  • Double Hanging – Hanging space at the top and the bottom of the wardrobe is what a Double Hanging fitted wardrobe from Primo gives you! A great way to easily separate formal and casual wear.
  • Internal Drawer Pack – By choosing this fitted wardrobe accessory, you can store your more personal items discreetly out of sight. Our drawers offer ample storage space and a sleek design.
  • External Drawer Pack – See above, but on the outside of your Primo fitted wardrobe!
  • Fully Shelved – Gone are the days of coat-hangers with this fitted wardrobe accessory! You have storage space and then some; it’s down to you to decide how neat or not you are with your clothing items.
wardrobe interiors

Pull Out Frames

Our pull out frames give you great flexibility when it comes to storage options in your wardrobe; here’s what we can offer as fitted wardrobe accessories:

  • Storage Basket – Perfect for bedding, towels or more heavy-duty home items.
  • Laundry Basket – With an internal laundry basket, there’s no need to buy traditional clunky laundry storage!
  • Shoe Rack – Shoes for every occasion? A shoe rack is the must-have fitted wardrobe accessory for the shoe aficionados out there!
  • Trouser Rail – Trousers can be a pain to hang; not so with an in-built trouser rail! Keeping your formalwear pristine for the working day ahead.
  • Storage Trays – Our fitted storage trays give ample space to store a large amount of clothing.
  • Small Item Storage – Watch or jewellery collector? A fitted small-item storage accessory lets you store more delicate items safely and securely.
pull out frames

Individual Interior Items

Create a place for everything by incorporating our interior items into your wardrobe.

With a great selection to choose from, let one of our team design the perfect storage space for you.

Choose from:

  • Wirework Baskets;
  • Pull down clothes rail;
  • Side-mounted shoe rack;
  • Trouser rail
  • Side-mounted wire rack
  • Side-mounted tie and belt holder

Discuss your fitted wardrobe brief and requirements with a member of our fitting team on 01925 552 880, email or click here to fill in our online enquiry form!