The benefits of Fitted Wardrobes compared to Freestanding Wardrobes

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At Primo Fitted Bedrooms, there’s a clue in our business name that we’re very much big believers in fitted wardrobes as opposed to freestanding wardrobes! It’s not that there isn’t a place for freestanding wardrobes – it’s just that the benefits of a fitted wardrobe, for us, are far superior to that of a freestanding wardrobe.

In our latest Primo blog, we aim to outline these benefits of fitted wardrobes and hopefully encourage you to ditch team freestanding and join the fitted revolution with Primo Fitted Bedrooms!

The Problem with Freestanding Wardrobes

The freestanding wardrobe has served us well. All things must change however and at Primo Fitted Bedrooms, we think it’s time to thank the freestanding wardrobe for its distinguished service and wave it on its merry way to retirement. Given the layout and design of modern housing, a freestanding wardrobe is no longer fit for purpose in our eyes – here are some reasons why:

  • Limited in Size Options:

Whether it’s a single, double or three-door, a freestanding wardrobe is limited in size and storage options. The height and width are unchangeable which means you may have to compromise on the size and shape of other furniture in your bedroom, which could in turn then make the area feel cluttered or crammed in.

  • Results in unused space:

We all know the standard shape and size of a freestanding wardrobe. Often this rigid structure can result in lots of unused space in bedrooms where otherwise other storage options could be utilised. Many homeowners are often on the lookout for clever uses of space and storage, so why limit yourself with a rigid, difficult to move structure that will only gather dust in hard-to-reach places?

  • Difficult to organise:

A freestanding wardrobe will often come with a standard layout of hanging space accompanied by shelving or drawers. The problem with this is a complete lack of customization and the ability to change/manoeuver. The amount you can store and how your store is limited and not bespoke to your needs or requirements.

We often hear from customers looking to change from freestanding to ffitted wardrobes in marineitted that they have become frustrated with clothes piling up and running out of room for future clothing purchases!

The solution? Fitted Wardrobes from Primo Fitted Bedrooms!

A fitted wardrobe can do so much for your home and bedroom. A bespoke, customisable and tailored to your needs fitted wardrobe from Primo Fitted Bedrooms has tonnes of benefits – here’s just a few!

  • Storage to suit you

A fitted wardrobe has one huge advantage over a freestanding wardrobe – the storage is designed by you to suit you! At Primo Fitted Bedrooms, you’ll be amazed at some of the nifty solutions our design team can come up to suit your needs and bedroom space, shape and size. A savvy shoe-collector? No problem, let’s get them safe and stored! Some savvy suits to suit all occasions? We can find a space that keeps them clean and in perfect condition. Your storage, your needs, your way!

  • Styles, Styles and More Styles!

We’re all unique and all have our own definition of style. Whatever yours is, at Primo Fitted Bedrooms, you’ll find a style that’s just perfect! With a wide array of colours, styles and designs, there’s a fitted wardrobe for everybody – looking for a standout piece to contrast with your other furniture? We can do that. Or maybe you have your look and feel down to a tee and want something to slot in seamlessly? We can do that too!

  • Maximum light and maximum space – it’s a Win-Win!

A fitted wardrobe from Primo Fitted Bedrooms just takes everything to the max! Does your room struggle to maximise natural light? We’ve got the solution. If you incorporate mirrored doors into your fitted wardrobe, the existing natural light will be magnified giving you a bedroom that feels breathable and full of life – not to mention, making your electricity bills that bit kinder at the end of the month!

Space is also maximised because the beauty of a fitted wardrobe is that it is custom-built to your requirements – you decide the space you need and the space you don’t! To maximise space, our recommended fit is floor to ceiling, no space wasted is our motto at Primo Fitted Bedrooms!

These are just some of the benefits of a fitted wardrobe from Primo Fitted Bedrooms. We hope we’ve shown you the way to a fitted future!

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