Primo Fitted Bedrooms – 2021 Wardrobe Design Trends

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We’re not far off being halfway into 2021, despite 2020 feeling like a lifetime!

So with June around the corner, we thought we should look at the continuing trends in wardrobe design.

At Primo Fitted Bedrooms, we’re constantly keeping an eye on the latest fitted wardrobe design trends. This means we can continue to offer our customers the latest choices for their new fitted bedroom.

Let’s take a look…

Maximising space with Sliding Door fitted wardrobes

Minimalist design and space-saving/maximising are at the top of the fitted wardrobe design wishlist for 2021.

A fitted sliding door wardrobe is perfect for customers looking to maximise the available space in a bedroom. This, in turn, can make access to all corners of a wardrobe much, much easier.

At Primo Fitted Bedrooms, we offer an extensive choice of frame profiles, panel designs, and finishes. Our designer will work with you to find the perfect combination for you and your room using our in-store visualiser.

Struggling for inspiration? View our sliding wardrobes inspiration gallery here!

Colour Combination? It’s a yes from us!

For the more adventurous customer, now’s the time to experiment with colours!

Across our full range of fitted wardrobes, you’ll find a whopping 83 colours to choose from, so we’d like to think there’s a colour for everyone!

2021 has seen the return of tradition, but with a twist. A combination of the old and new seems to be the way to go this year, with navy/ocean-faring colours being labelled ‘the new black.’

Light coloured woods are also a big hit. As a result, many more customers are becoming aware of making more eco-conscious choices in their design process.

Fixtures and Fittings

wardrobe tie rack

Functionality, space optimisation and ease of organisation are the top three qualities that customers are looking for in their fixtures and fittings in 2021.

The following fixtures and fittings are must-haves for fitted wardrobe customers in 2021:

  • Shoe Drawer – the modern man and woman has a shoe for every occasion, but where to put them all! A shoe drawer allows for sleek and simple organisation, letting you pick out the perfect pair at a glance. At Primo Fitted Bedrooms, we offer both internal and pull-out shoe drawer options.
  • Foldable Hangers – Hangers can be a nuisance at the best of times. However, foldable hangers make clothes organisation a breeze!
  • Organisation drawer/s – As with many trends in this blog, the key to them all is space. Either saving or maximising the available space, an organisation drawer is a perfect addition to your fitted wardrobe for clothing items such as watches, jewellery etc.
wardrobe shoe rack

To view our full range of wardrobe interior options, click here.

Now we’ve given you a good idea of what you should be looking for in a fitted wardrobe design, why not get in touch with Primo Fitted Bedrooms?

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